Thanks to the experience of painting court games in Montpellier, the Petit Monde project emerged from the desire to bring school equipment to schools and pupils in disadvantaged conditions. At Petit Mural, we feel lucky to be able to work where we work. We felt the need to work with other children who live in more disadvantaged conditions. For this project, in addition to painting free frescoes in schools and walls in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, we also want to contribute to the provision of concrete and basic goods for schools. The same basic goods that are normally found in the schools where we work but which are rare in other countries.

We would like to participate in concrete projects where the assistance provided makes it possible to solve concrete and specific problems.

Our first collaboration took place at the public school “El Cortecito” in the Dominican Republic. On site, we were able to renovate the walls of the centre with the help of the students while getting rid of other potentially dangerous equipment for the children. Here you can see and read more information to find out how the workshop went.

If you wish to participate in any way, or simply stay informed of the progress of this project, write to us with your email address in and we will keep you informed.

Thank you very much

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