Project Description

The little mural of the school Arrels-Esperança


This is the mural we made for the school Arrels-Esperança in the district Llefià of Badalona. In this project we could not count on the participation of the school’s children, since the wall that we wanted to paint was at a height that was not accessible to the children. In order to paint the mural, scaffolding was installed in the schoolyard.

The design chosen to decorate this space had two parts. In the first part we can see different characters from children’s and popular stories such as ‘The Pied Piper’, ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘The Legend of Sant Jordi’, and some others. We see a pied piper sharing the stage with the wolf that spies on the three little pigs, right next to the Little Red Riding Hood. Further, we see a girl and a boy representing the legend of Sant Jordi, although in this case, the princess is the one who has snatched the sword from the knight while Sant Jordi chases them. The characters from different stories are combined in an amusing composition.

In the second part of the mural we see letters and numbers in different colours, with eyes, arms and even some legs, interspersed along this mural painted with a background of natural landscape. These numbers and letters play with each other. We see one skating, another one playing with a ball or again, another one with the crown which we guess he has borrowed from the adjoining scenery.

We are delighted with our collaboration with the school Arrels-Esperança and we are very happy with the final result of this mural. Thank you very much for having counted on us for the realization of the mural. We hope it will last you many years.