Project Description

The little mural of the school El Cortecito


We are delighted to present you the first workshop held as part of “Petit Monde”. This project emerged from the desire to provide educational materials to schools and children in disadvantaged conditions. At Petit Mural, we feel lucky to be able to work where we work. For this project, in addition to painting free murals in schools and walls in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, we also want to contribute to the provision of concrete and basic goods for schools. The same basic goods that are normally found in the schools where we work but which are rare in other countries.
For this first project, we travelled to Dominican Republic where we collaborated with the school “El Cortecito”. Our sponsor “Scuba Dive Dominican” allowed us to bring the necessary equipment as well as to manage the logistics to realize the painting. We were able to paint the schoolyard while freeing up the space for dangerous materials to children.

Before our intervention, on the one hand the paint on the walls was damaged by the use of time, as can be seen on the video and images. The barbed wire that was initially installed to protect the school, had fallen to the ground in the courtyard in some places. The children were playing in a space where there was equipment that could injure them with rusty metal objects. All these objects have been permanently removed, which helped rehabilitating the space so that children can play safely.

As usual in our workshops, we presented the idea to the school principal so that the children could participate in the process of creating the mural. The children brought us drawings that constituted elements that were incorporated into the sketch of the painting. The chosen theme was: “CONOCIMIENTO ES LIBERTAD” (“knowledge is freedom”). This sentence was included in a painting where we reproduced the landscape in which the school is located. We also represented animals and marine motifs in the painting, which were painted with the help of the children participating in the activity.

The video accompanying this text thus shows the process of making the painting. We hope you will enjoy it! Finally, we would like to thank the teachers, and above all the staff of “Scuba Dive Dominican” who made this collaboration possible not only through their sponsor but also for the warm welcome they gave. It has been a great experience for us, and we hope to be able to renew it very soon.