Project Description

The little mural of the school Països Catalans


Here is the result of the mural created in the school Països Catalans. In order to carry out the project of decorating the school’s exterior walls, we counted on the help of the children both for the realization of the sketch and for painting the painting. Thanks to the school, we were able to retrieve the drawings that the children freely made according to their own idea of the mural. The end result is therefore a combination of all these ideas.

Once we collected the children’ drawings, we started a selection process in order to be able to choose the ideas or elements that could be part of the final composition. Once this step was completed, we stylized each of the drawing idea so that it could be incorporated into the final result following a same aesthetic line. Then, we carried out a composition work, consisting in spatially distributing each part of the painting into a harmonious final composition.

Here we can see in the two images presented, the final sketch. Once this point was reached, a date had yet to be found to put the little hands to paint. The children, divided into small groups, were able to participate in the workshop one after the other. Each group had a task assigned in order to paint a part of the defined painting. Once this task has been completed by all the groups of children, we made some adjustments in order to arrive at the final result, which we can see on the presented images.

This project was an opportunity to work with simple drawn elements and to be able to compose with them and to present them in an original way. The Petit Mural team thanks the primary school Països Catalans for having trusted our work. We hope you will be able to enjoy your painting for many years to come. Here you will find the final result of the workshop in which the school’s children participated. As we can see, we have opted for a rather simple design but with a very defined aesthetic and chromatic line.

I hope you like it!

taller pintura

taller pintura