Project Description

The little mural of the Sant Cristòfol


Here is the result of the painting created in the infrastructure of the sprimary chool Sant Cristofol de Premia de Mar in Barcelona. For this project, we counted on the help of the school’s children for both the realization of the sketch preceding the painting and for the realization of the painting itself, in order to decorate one of the walls of the school’s playground. Once the school had gathered the drawings made by the children who let their imagination free, the final sketch was achieved as a combination of all these drawings.

For this occasion, the teachers collected the drawings of the children whose instructions were to draw on the theme of different types of ecosystems. Once these drawings were collected, we had to select those whose elements, ideas, concepts or even composition would be part of the final result. Once this step was completed, we stylized the drawings in order to define a homogeneous aesthetic line for the entire painting. Finally, with all these stylized elements, we created the final composition of the painting that would put in space and interaction the different chosen elements.

Here we can see on the pictures the final sketch that was chosen. Once we got to that step, we had to choose a date for the workshop and put the children’ little hands to paint. The children were able to participate in the realization of the painting, by painting the parts of the mural that were assigned to them, divided into small groups. One group after another, the kids took turns in order to contribute to the realization of the final painting. After some final touches made by the workshop organizer, the final painting was finished as can be seen in the images shown here. In this way we managed to create a painting displaying different animals and landscapes that now decorate the school’s playground

The Petit Mural team would like to thank the primary school for having trusted in us with this work, and we hope you will enjoy it for many years to come!

alumnos premia

alumnos premia