Project Description

The little school of the school Gayarre


The management team of the school Gayarre in the Sants district of Barcelona asked Petit Mural to decorate the main wall of the school’s playground. To do this, the teamwanted to use the drawings made by the children from the school. Thus, they asked thekids to draw their ideas so that their drawings could be painted on the wall of theplayground.

Once this task was completed, we had to select from the drawings presented. With more than a hundred children, the task can sometimes be difficult to select the best idea or the most original. Sometimes, the children’ contribution may consist of a character or a landscape, but sometimes it may also be the choice of colours, the composition of the drawing or the concepts represented. For each painting, both the approach and the selection of ideas will vary according to the theme, the drawings, the children, the space to paint, as well as the requirements of the school’s teachers.

Once this selection has been made, we designed a sketch that will serve as a template for the painting. In order to make this sketch we take inspiration from the children’s ideas, we stylize them to make a homogeneous composition according to the teachers’ and kids’ taste.

After deciding what was to be painted, it was time to put the little hands to paint. The children of the school, separated into small groups, painted the scenery that was designed and created by themselves on the wall of their school. Once the painting was done by the children, the organizer took the liberty of putting some final touches to the painting in order to complete it.Many thanks to the children of the school as well as the school teachers and mothers who participated in the painting,

It was a great pleasure to work with all of you!

niños pintando

gayarre niños pintura

gayarre niños pintura