Project Description

The little mural of the school Bressol


In the case of this kindergarten, the challenge was to work with children up to 3 years old. We had to work on a project that would both encourage very young children to participate while having a final result that met the required aesthetic. With this objective in mind, we thought of involving the children by using their hands soaked in paint as brushes. Thus, the imprints of their hands became elements that form a painting.

This project was a great opportunity for us to work with very young children. It took more ingenuity to present a mural idea that was possible while showing that there was no age limit to participate in our workshops. Finally, we opted for a sketch of a natural landscape where the leaves of the trees would be painted with the handprints of the children who participated in the workshop.

The realization of the mural was was no less special. Normally in other workshops, older kids can do without the help of their supervisors or parents. Here in our case, itwas an essential part of the painting. First of all, we prepared the walls by representing the landscapes with adequate painting, then we painted the trunks of the trees that would soon receive their leaves represented by the prints of the little hands. Mothers, fathers and the whole family of the kids sometimes came to help our little participants when they put their hands in the painting and left a hand print where designated. Some older siblings who were present also participated in leaving their hand prints.

Everything went perfectly and everyone was satisfied with the final result, children, parents, teachers, everyone!

Thank you all!!!